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Results from the 2017 Cross Country Coaches Youth National Championships in West Chester, OH are now available.

Congratulations to Brocaw Blazers' Halle Johnson (KS) and Soleil Gaylord (CO) their state winners of the Wendy's High School Heisman. Hear Soleil's story as the winner of the National Wendy's High School Heisman.

Rest & Recovery After Nationals - Coach Ramsey recommends that athletes 12 & under begin training for track at the end of March 2018. All middle school athletes are recommended to begin training again in the middle of February 2018. All high school athletes should take at least 2-4 weeks off before beginning to train for track. Please call him if you have any other questions or concerns.

The 2017 Garnett Meet Video is now available thanks to the great work of Miles Denning.

REMEMBER the best way to improve your form and make Coach Ramsey happy is to focus on your form in front of the mirror and at practice!

Please be sure to get a pair of plain red shorts (no other color or trim except for a logo) for your team uniform. We must have them for the national meet. Also, be sure to do your easy runs on the days that we do not meet for practice.

Any young athlete wanting to become a better runner is encouraged to be a part of the Brocaw Blazers. Practices and meets are not required but they are encouraged. Our practices for youth ages 6-14 last less than 60 minutes. We had athletes involved in 10 different sports last year. Our coaches work with the parent(s) to make sure that young athletes are having fun and learning more about proper technique while working around their other sports. You are welcome to join at any point!

You must have your 2017 YES-Membership form on file with the team and pay your team membership fee of $50 before you can practice &/or compete with the team. Just bring the form and payment to your first practice. Please contact Coach Ramsey if you have any questions.

WEATHER POLICY - Practice will be held rain, snow or shine! The only way practice will be cancelled is if there is lightning in the area of your practice when practice is scheduled to start. We must be ready to run in any type of weather at the national meet. Also, be sure to stuff your shoes full of newspaper to dry them from running in wet conditions. That is absolutely the best way to dry them so that they retain the same shape and size.

Results from the 2016 Cross Country Coaches Youth National Championships in Evansville, IN are now available. The 2016 National Meet Video is also now available thanks to the great work of Kallen Webster.

The 2016 Garnett Meet Video is now available thanks to the great work of the Brennemans and Kallen Webster.

Anyone who has outgrown their spikes or red shorts please donate them to us so that we can put them to good use next year.

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The three most important times to drink water are when you get up, right before bed and one hour before any run. Please remember to always bring water to every run.

We are missing some racing jerseys, red shorts, and spikes that didn't get returned after nationals! Please return them to Coach Ramsey. If you need to keep your spikes for this upcoming track season, just contact him or he will have to track you down.



Coach Ramsey highly recommends this outstanding video and article Happiness and Laughter Are Natural Immune Boosters.

Coach Ramsey highly recommends this outstanding e-book on the role and impact of parents in youth sports. Also, please read and share 8 Tips for Sports Parents To Help Athletes Perform with Confidence.

  We now have a facebook page! Our desire is to share pictures of our Brocaw Blazers kids in action. Join us on our page! facebook  

The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance is a great video on the importance of being positive and happy in everything that you do. Enjoy the video and let's get ready to have some fun on the trip and at nationals!

The following article was written by Coach Ramsey and was published by The Coaches Insider on Sept 8, 2011. He was asked to write the article to help educate coaches and parents about the most efficient way to train distance runners.

Here are two great running books that Coach Ramsey recommends for your reading enjoyment. BORN TO RUN: A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall and UNBROKEN: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand.

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Voted the best cross country picture of any national meet so far!

Just one of the many obstacles that the 2004 Youth Boys team had to overcome to win the team title.