My training philosophy is based on a three(3) day on and one(1) day off training program for younger runners. I firmly believe that a drastic increase in mileage is unnecessary and is in fact harmful to the physical, mental, and emotional well being of younger runners in the United States. It has and will continue to be my goal to gradually increase both mileage and intensity as each runner matures from year to year. I therefore suggest the following guidelines for a fall/cross country training schedule.

Age Group Mileage Amounts per day and 3 day cycle

10&U - 3 miles/9 miles

11&12 - 1 x 4 mile run with others of 3-3.5 miles/10-11 miles

13 - 1 x 4.5-5 mile run with others of 4 miles/12.5-13 miles

14 - 1 x 6-7 mile run per week with others of 5 miles/15-17 miles

Sept. 1-14. Easy runs of no more than 3 miles. The 11&12 group may run one (1) run during the 2nd week of 4 miles. Always follow the 3 day training/on and 1 day no running/off cycle. Heartrate should only be between 160-175 bpm to accomplish this easy/aerobic training.

Sept. 15-30. One day of the 3 day cycle should be a type B workout and the other days easy/aerobic. By this time the runners should be at the mileage rates suggested per day andper cycle.

October 1- Nationals. Continue the 3 day on 1 day off cycle as follows:

 Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5 Day 6   Day 7  Day 8 
 Type A Type B   Easy  Off Easy   Type A or B Easy    Off

Any variation of this sequence may be used for scheduling conflicts except the following. Type A workouts may not follow a type B workout during a 3 day cycle. You may have 2 x type A and 1 type B workout per week or 2 x type B and 1 type A workout per week. Always allow one(1) off day and at least one(1) easy day following the last type A or B workout of the previous cycle before attempting the next type A or B workout. All other runs must be easy/aerobic or heartrate(HR) of 160-175 bpm. That's all!


All Type A & B workouts should have a 1/2 mile warm-up (WU) and cooldown (CD) for the 10 & under group, a 3/4 mile WU and CD for the 11 & 12 group, and a 1-1.5 mile WU and CD for the 13 & 14 group. Include 4-6 build-ups at the end of a Type A WU! All Type A & B workouts should be done with the wind! Stretching should take place after the CD or easy run. No stretching before the workout! You may a bit after the warm-up.

Type A Workouts

1. Races

2. 2X1 mile of:

3. 3X1000M or
   4X800M of
   either B or D.
A. 2 minutes on/1 minute off or
B. 40 seconds on/20 seconds off or
C. 60 seconds on/60 seconds off or
D. 30 seconds on/30 seconds off
The 13-14 age group can do 2-2.5 miles or up to 4K

Notes: Each mile, 1000 or 800 needs to be timed and recorded. Full recovery (HR to around 130 bpm) between each before starting the next one. The on part needs to be a touch faster than 1 mile race pace and the off part should be a touch slower. In other words they slow down but not much! The mile/1000/800 times should be almost the same and should gradually get faster as the season progresses.

4. 5-6 x Repeat Hills - If possible find a hill approximately 150 -200 meters in length. Start on the flat at the bottom and run up the hill and at the top continue running for another 50-100 meters. This teaches the runner to finish the hill and to continue the pace. Too many runners are satisfied with having made it up the hill that they get beat on the top and lose the race at this point. Walk/jog back down and start again.

 5. On the track :

A. 2 Sets of 4-5 x 300 m with each 100 meters at the same pace. Walk 100m and repeat. Full recovery between sets and then repeat. These should always be done with the wind for the 300 m part. 13-14 group do 3 sets.
B. As in 2. A, B, C and D above only if it is too muddy to be done on the grass or roads.

Type B Workouts

1. Hill Repeats - Find a course with some hills and run everything easy except for the uphills and the tops.

2. Fartlek - 10 sec hard, 10 sec easy, 20 sec hard, 20 sec easy, 30 sec hard, 30 sec easy,...up to, 80 sec hard, 80 sec easy, and then 70 sec hard, 70 sec easy, 60 sec hard, 60 sec easy, 50 sec hard, 50 sec easy,...down to, 10 sec hard, 10 sec easy and then CD. At first just do this one to 70 sec hard then 70 sec easy and go back down.

3. Indian Running - In groups of 4-6 get in single file and start running. The last person in line surges to the front and becomes the leader. As soon as they get there the new last person surges to the front

4. Cruise Intervals - 1/2 or 3/4 or mile repeats at a pace 30-45 seconds slower than mile race pace. Take a 30 sec break and then repeat enough to get a total of 2 - 2.5 miles.

5. Speed Sandwich - Run 20 sec blazing and 2 min easy for the entire workout.

Remember to WU & CD for all the above!


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